Need a simple scoring solution? Check out Scorebook Free, the first release in the Project Goal family.


Project Goal is AR Compware's latest major project. Stemming from the origins of CompSoccer, Project Goal will be the world's first commercially available mobile-to-PC sports scoreboard. Connect to Project Goal securely from your mobile device or another computer and quickly control the score from anywhere with internet connectivity. Don't need remote control? Project Goal can still be intelligently controlled via a mouse and keyboard on your own computer.


  • Remote control and data sync¬†from a variety of devices
    • Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X
    • Quick response
    • High security
  • Keep score of most sports
  • Millisecond accurate timing
  • Apply team names and match stats
  • API for third party development

Brief Info

Project goal will feature the simple two-score and time interface with the ability to display team names, periods, penalty clocks, statistics, and other information. The timer can count up or down precisely.

More Details

Use it professionally! Display the scoreboard on large monitor and have the scorekeeper download the accompanying app on his/her smartphone or tablet, connect securely using a unique name and password, and control the score from there. It's cost-efficient as well since you only need a Windows or Mac computer and an optional mobile device, rather than spend thousands hiring a company interface their scoring system directly into the stadium or having to buy bulky equipment.


Coming soon to Microsoft Windows Vista+ (Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+), Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Mavericks+, Android 4.0+, and iOS 6+

Coming soon!

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